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"Rocket Boy Cat Sitting" and its logo are trademarks of Furry Friends Pet Sitting.

Welcome to your home for professional, experienced, and loving feline-centric care - Rocket Boy Cat Sitting! 

About Rocket Boy

To begin, yes.... we are still Furry Friends! It's just that cat only services, which will be provided personally by me, will be marketed under the name RocketBoy Cat Sitting. 

What the heck is a Rocket Boy?

RocketBoy is the cat care-specific arm of Furry Friends Pet Sitting, and the logo is based on my beloved boy, Mr. Mooch, who I had to say goodbye to in August of 2018. Mooch was about 19 years old, and the best thing that ever happened to me. I always called him my little Rocket Boy. I have toyed with the idea of creating a "for cats only" service for a considerable time, and with the passing of my boy, it seems like the ideal way to honor his wonderful memory. 

Why a feline-specific care service?

I have a true passion for cats. Of course I love all animals, but I have that gene so many other "crazy cat lovers" can identify with. I would love the opportunity to offer my years of personal, professional, and volunteer (with Nick's Nursery, Dakin Humane Society's kitten ICU) cat care experience to those who are looking for a true appreciator of our always beautiful, sometimes graceful, and often (wonderfully) bizarre feline friends. I am also familiar with their various behaviors and can help to identify potential issues before they become more serious problems. 

What Rocket Boy Cat Sitting Provides

While each visit can be individually tailored to your cat's specific needs, basic cat care includes, of course:

  • Feeding and providing fresh water
  • Cleaning dishes in between feedings to ensure harmful bacteria is not growing on food surfaces
  • Scooping litter (and filling as needed)
  • Administering medications (oral, transdermal, subcutaneous)
  • Play time (if desired)


  • Standard visit (20-30 minutes)- $18.00 
  • Short visit (10-15 minutes, for less social cats) - $12.00 (short rate visit not available outside of East Longmeadow and Longmeadow)

*Please note, if you are outside of our regular service area of East Longmeadow and Longmeadow, while we are happy to provide cat care, it will only be available between the hours of 7am and 9am. If you reside outside of our regular service area and your cat requires multiple visits a day (due, say, to medication), we would therefore, sadly, be unable to provide service.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to schedule a no charge meet and greet!


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