Services and Rates

With Furry Friends, there is never an additional fee for extra pets!
Initial Registration Visit – This complimentary in-home consultation will allow me to meet you and your pets. Just as importantly, it allows you to meet me (and, if applicable, the team member who will be providing service if it will not be me personally) and ask any questions you may have of the services provided. I will tailor a pet care program to meet your pet’s specific needs.
Daily Dog Walking – $80/per week – Daily walks help keep your pets healthy and may minimize boredom that can cause destructive behavior. Daily dog walking packages include five 30-minute walks per week.
Standard visits – $18 (30 minutes) per visit – These visits include one-on-one time with your pet. I will also, as needed, bring in your mail, newspaper, trash/recycling, water plants, and assure the overall security of your home.
Short visits – $12 (15 minutes) – Small assignments only, such as animals that need/want less social interaction (birds, hamsters, fish, less social cats, etc). While I am happy to provide a thirty minute visit for your social cat (I have four of them myself and know how much some of them love the attention), I know not all of them want that much time so I offer this shorter visit rate.
Overnight pet care – $75 per day – Our most popular option for those who are away, either for one night, a week, or more! Your bonded and insured pet sitter will stay in your home with your pets to provide even more love and care. This “kennel alternative” service is primarily geared towards those whose pets suffer from more pronounced separation anxiety, or whose pets do not do well being alone overnight. In addition to your pets getting dedicated one on one love and care, your home will benefit from more regular monitoring while you are away. Overnights generally run from 7pm to 8am, and include a mid-day walk and potty break. If additional visits are required between 8am and the mid day visit, or between the mid-day visit and 7pm, those will be charged at the short visit rate above. We will be happy to work with you to find a routine that best suits your pet’s needs.
All day care (no overnight) – $60.00 per day (this includes 4 visits starting at 7am and ending at 9pm)
Please note the charge for service on the following holidays will be one and a half times the normal rate:
  • New Year’s Eve (after 6pm)
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • July 4th
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (after 6pm)
  • Christmas